1. Accepted Payment Options

QuickMed transactions are done through either the digital payment. Any use of insurance card shall be managed by the patient or his/her guardian (“Payor”) with own respective insurance provider.

Following are the options accepted for the digital payment system:

  1. Major debit cards (all banks with VISA and Mastercard are accepted)
  2. Major credit cards (all banks with VISA and Mastercard are accepted)

2. Application for Refunds

Subject to the terms and conditions in this Refund and Cancellation Policy and the Terms of Service, application for refund can be made within three (3) days (“Notification Period”) before the scheduled appointment.

There shall be no refund given once Services have been rendered. There will be absolutely no refund for booked appointments or complaints made due to the dissatisfaction on the facilities and services received for example uninviting waiting area, scheduling issues and waiting time for Consultation; where in such cases, the Service Providers will give their full commitment to address all dissatisfactions within its capacity in the best and safest manner.

Refund application must be filed by the Payor by sending an email or the refund request form to support@quickmed.care. QuickMed is not responsible for lost, delayed, or misdirected mail or email, delays for downloading, or other communication system delays throughout the entire submission process.

To process refund successfully, the Payor shall provide and disclose all necessary information related to personal and banking details in the application form. Quickmed will keep all private and confidential information safe within the data privacy policy statement. See statement (https://quickmed.care/pdpn/).

The approval of the request for refund and return will be made by QuickMed in its sole discretion. The Payor acknowledges and agrees that the QuickMed’s decision is final, conclusive and binding, and covenants and agrees that it will not bring suit or otherwise assert any claim against the QuickMed or its affiliates in relation to such decision.

In the event where the Payor has commenced legal action against the medical staff, the Payor needs to provide the formal notification from the appropriate authority to QuickMed to request QuickMed to continue to hold any paid or purchase monies until a formal determination is available.

If the application is rejected, the Payor will be notified in written via email within three (3) business days from the submission date. The Payor may appeal such decision by contacting the QuickMed and providing evidence in support of such appeal within two (2) days after receiving the notification.

3. Refunds

Payor will only be refunded after all conditions in section 2 are met. Refund will be made to Payor’s credit/debit card within sixty (60) days after decision is made final.

Please note that a refund processing fee of not more than 3% of the payment will be incurred depending on the payment method.

4. Application for booking cancellation

Cancellation of appointment booking can be done by notifying QuickMed via email to support@quickmed.care at least three (3) working days before the scheduled appointment date for the purchased services.